One person fills 100 vacancies a month: Ukrainian company NUWORK launches a service for recruiting automation.

The tool helps large companies optimize a hiring process and reduce HR costs by up to 70%.

NUWORK is a recruiting automation service. System automatically collects candidate applications from all channels (job search sites, social networks, messengers, and even offline signs with a QR code) in the HR specialist's account and ranks them depending on qualification.

The service determines the qualifications of applicants independently, thanks to preliminary interviews conducted by a virtual assistant — a chat bot. Questions for the chatbot are chosen by the HR manager in accordance with the requirements for a particular vacancy.

«Let's say a company needs candidates who are 18 years old and have already worked somewhere. The virtual assistant will ask about this. If a person meets the criteria, he will be at the top of the list», — says Nikolay Zazulyak, co-founder of NUWORK. This approach is especially helpful when working with candidates without a CV. Ultimately, the recruiter gets a complete picture of the position and can quickly determine who to invite for the final interview.

«Thanks to our experience, we know that 80% of candidates are lost during the job application process. At the same time, recruiters spend up to 70% of their time doing mechanical, routine work. Only the collection and processing of applications, clarification of basic questions takes an average of 28 hours. NUWORK automates all stages, which allows HR specialists to focus on analyzing applicants and conducting interviews», — notes Andrey Baskakov, co-founder of NUWORK.

In addition, NUWORK provides companies with detailed analytics on the entire recruiting process. The service shows general data for each vacancy (the number of candidates at various stages), here you can also see which channels of attracting employees are the most effective. For applicants, the system has a function of geolocation targeting: when submitting an application, a person can clearly see where his possible place of work is, because most candidates are interested in this.

NUWORK target customers are network companies from retail, hospitality industry, delivery services, etc. with the need to process a large number of requests from candidates every month. The company already cooperates with Shell Ukraine, E&Y, Jooble, Rukavichka, Sushiya and retail chains and HoReCa. In total, more than 4,000 people passed online interviews using the online interview service and 370 of them found a job.

For example, for the Sushiya chain, our service has made it possible to significantly reduce the costs of posting vacancies and the hiring process, and also let the company stop working with cold contacts. Now the company accepts only incoming requests that have already been processed by the service.

NUWORK was founded by entrepreneurs and HR experts Andrey Baskakov, Nikolay Zazulyak, Dmitry Kozlov and Alexander Lyalka at the end of 2018. Before launch, the founders conducted over 100 interviews with HR experts from Europe and the United States.

Entrepreneurs invested $30,000 of their own money in recruiting automation service. In addition, NUWORK attracted $70,000 from the Sector X accelerator, UNIT.City and a private investor, and also received two grants in spring 2020: $50,000 from the Ukrainian Startup Fund and $55,000 from the USAID Competitive Economy Program. NUWORK executives note that such a high assessment from the two organizations once again confirms the viability of the product.

NUWORK employs nine people, the head office is located in Kyiv. «Today we announce the full-scale launch in Ukraine and plans to expand the existing customer base. Our idea was validated by investors, donors, consultants, accelerators, as well as two government organizations. At this stage, NUWORK is already a stable company with an established team, sufficient resources and recognized expertise», — says Nikolay Zazulyak, co-founder of NUWORK.

In the near future NUWORK plans to increase the number of clients in Ukraine, expand the industries (educational institutions, associations, personnel providers) and the size of the team by five people, as well as enter the markets of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Poland and other countries of the European Union. In addition, NUWORK is working to attract a $370,000 seed round of investments for faster scaling.

NUWORK is a modern hiring management service for companies with the need to process a large number of candidates' application with a minimum amount of time. The service automatically collects candidates' applications from all channels in the HR-manager account and evaluates them depending on qualification. The employer works with the results, conducts analytics of the channels and creates new vacancies with the chatbot in just 2 minutes. Thanks to NUWORK, the hiring process efficiency rises up to 70%.

USAID's Competitive Economy of Ukraine (CEU) Program contributes to the development of a strong, diversified and open economy in Ukraine by improving the business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), increasing the competitiveness of key sectors of the economy, and enabling Ukraine to take advantage of free trade agreements. The goal of the CEU Program is to encourage startups creation and raise small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) activity, increase competition in the domestic market and support the competitiveness of Ukrainian startups, small and medium-sized enterprises in international markets.

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