NUWORK is an innovative service for talent acquisition and recruitment automation

NUWORK - results guaranteed!

You receive vetted candidates directly to your account.

Saves up to 80% of time
and 70% of budget for HR department

Service does routine tasks autonomously and increases recruiting efficiency.
For recruiting efficiency management
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For recruiting efficiency management
Analyzes the efficiency of sources for attracting candidates
Provides real-time reports on recruitment volume and performance
Sets up objective and clear criteria for evaluating candidates on an interview
No request is lost, you don't waste time on data collection
Easy start without unnecessary integrations
Works online without unnecessary integration and timely onboarding for hiring staff
Reduces the number of routine tasks and develop the HR brand
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Reduces the number of routine tasks and develop the HR brand
The virtual assistant will conduct interviews with candidates
Track hiring process by department
All candidates' enquiries from job sites, online and offline advertising are collected in a single window
Create an attractive career landing page
Improves your employer reputation
Service makes a first positive impression on candidates
Increase your job seekers flow
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Increase your job seekers flow
Fast application for candidates from any device in a convenient messenger
Provide guaranteed feedback to job seekers
Attract qualified candidates without a CV
Job geolocation demonstration to candidate for calculating commute time
FAQ Часті запитання
How do I sign up?
To sign up you need to fill out a short form and NUWORK team will contact you within 30 minutes. At this stage we will discuss all peculiarities, provide a product demo and sign an agreement. Everything can be done online.
Finally you create an Administrator account and connect your colleagues to the service. The whole process takes no more than two hours.
How do I connect my colleagues to the service?
After you have signed up for NUWORK, you need to send the link to your colleagues. They will create profiles, fill out forms, including the exact name of the company, and choose the type of account — "Manager" or "Recruiter".
What is the difference between account types?
"Administrator" is the head of the company profile in NUWORK. He/She can change the career site on the platform, see the activity of all participants, the number of job openings and responses. He/She also has access to analytics on the channels of job seekers attraction.
"Managers" have access to information about job openings and candidate responses in their division. The "Recruiter", accordingly, sees his own vacancies and responses.
What are the hardware requirements?
NUWORK is a web application, so that you can use it on all devices that have an internet connection. The main carrier is a PC; tablets and smartphones also support the service.
Will this service suit my company's needs?
During development we conducted over 100 in-depth interviews with HR experts and also relied on our own recruiting experience. Interface, account types and mechanics will suit any company that is engaged in mass recruitment: restaurant chain, large retail, etc.
Can I export data from service?
Yes. You can export information about vacancies and candidates 24/7 for free in .xls.
Are there any restrictions on the number of vacancies and candidate responses?
No. We understand that information is highly in the mass recruiting process, therefore we deliberately did not introduce limits for users. Each account can open vacancies and accept unlimited responses.
How can I set up the virtual assistant?
Virtual assistant shows up automatically after creating a vacancy - he works in Viber, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.
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