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*Pricing starting from 199$ for 10 vetted candidates at the door

Hire employees quickly and efficiently with a team of professionals

Outsourcing of talent acquisition and service management with the help of a professional NUWORK team.
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NUWORK is a reliable company recognized by major national brands and investors.
Professionals with many years of experience in HR and recruiting in various fields.
We use modern technologies to find the right people.
We set up a service and assign a specialist who leads the recruiting process — from researching to conducting interviews.
NUWORK analyzes your request, selects and conducts interviews with candidates for a specific job position.
NUWORK finds people by your request, evaluates them according to pre-determined criteria, and provides you with a list of the most suitable.

You get a full-cycle recruitment

Fill specific vacancies

Find the best candidates

Choosing recruitment by NUWORK

NUWORK undertakes the whole hiring process.
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