Save money on recruiting

With NUWORK one HR-manager can fill up to 100 job vacancies in a month. All thanks to the user-friendly interface and clear workflow. There is a virtual assistant for every open job position on the platform that automatically conducts preliminary interviews with candidates via chat and evaluates them according to criteria you need.

Virtual interview assistant

Conducts preliminary interviews with candidates 24/7;

Keeps records in the database;

Sets up a time for a face-to-face interview.
More time for the best candidates

One-stop window for messages and feedback

Websites and services for job search;

Google and other social network advertising and messengers;

Printable posters and flyers with QR code.
No application is lost

Monitors vacancies by departments and divisions

Evaluates hiring performance

Forms teams for decision making;

Responsible for monitoring stages of the recruiting process.
HR manager oversees face to face interviews in the regions.

Recruiting time management requires less effort

Synchronizes HR and executives efforts to fill vacancies;

Simplifies scheduling interviews for candidates and top managers;

Automatically keeps in touch with candidates.
More candidates come for interviews

Analyze hiring performance

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