NUWORK for HR professionals and recruiters

Don't waste your time on routine tasks

With NUWORK, recruiting efficiency increases by 70%. All thanks to the recruiting automation and sophisticated collaboration tools: managers see all the hiring processes in their departments.

Service allows managers to quickly respond to requests from the HR department, helps control the costs of filling certain vacancies, and simplifies the process of approving and screening candidates.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

No need to switch between communication channels and interfaces;

Data is collected in the cloud. It doesn't tie you to workplace;

Export information to EXCEL and other common formats.
Frees time for more important tasks

Candidates reviews from different sources in one place.

Easy career page builder, promotion ready;

Geolocational features to measure time to work;

Control of interaction with candidates in online interview mode.
Recruiting becomes easier.

NUWORK reacts to candidates' requests

Logical interview script controls the course of the conversation;

Conduct face-to-face interviews only with the best applicants;

Don't waste time on collecting data. Candidate gets guaranteed feedback.

Service undertakes the whole routine process of preliminary research.

Employer's modern company image

Creates an attractive career landing page;

100% of candidates receive a feedback;

Managers timely response to HR requests.
Increase candidates flow. Accelerate vacancies filling.

Saves HR department search and selection efforts

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