Boost your HR productivity

With NUWORK, recruiting efficiency increases by 70%. All thanks to the recruiting automation and sophisticated collaboration tools: managers see all the hiring processes in their departments.

Service allows managers to quickly respond to requests from the HR department, helps control the costs of filling certain vacancies, and simplifies the process of approving and screening candidates.

Automatically collects data into the candidate database

Track the hiring efficiency by department;

Form teams to make decisions;

Control all the stages of hiring process;
Usage of innovative recruiting tools.

Helps in decision making

The results are put into the database and are ready for discussion;

Team members have a single hiring system;

Synchronizes HR and finance departments efforts to fill vacancies.
The HR department easily controls the hiring process in the regions.

One HR-manager can fill up to 100 job vacancies in a month

Data is processed 24/7, HR manager controls only the result.

You have your own candidates database;

All staff can be hired independently, without the involvement of third-party recruiters;

Optimizes the work of its own resources.

Easy start without unnecessary integrations

Works online without unnecessary integrations and long staff training;

There is no need to buy new hardware;

Export information to EXCEL and other common formats.

Convenient adoption, no additional costs and employee stress.

Monitor your HR processes anywhere, anytime.

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